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Employee Benefits

We work hard every year to save your business money on insurance premiums. We also work with you to offer a benefits package to attract and retain the people you want. We share current industry data about coverages to offer, and costs, so that you can make the most informed decisions.  We are your partner in the benefits business. 

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment can be stressful and a lot of work.  We have systems and methods in place for your company, no matter the size, that make Open Enrollment easy, thorough, and efficient. We are user friendly and focus on employer and employee satisfaction. 

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Benefits Administration

Our Customer Service Team transacts with your insurance carriers.  We manage new hire eligibility, enrollments, terminations, and your COBRA coverage offers.

For companies of 50+ employees we can do your 1094-C, 1095-C forms, and e-filing.  We work to make your benefits administration a convenient, reliable experience.

People Risk Management

Employer laws change, and are added yearly. Your company and people are a great asset, but there is risk and liability.  We can help you remain or become current and compliant and mitigate inherent risks associated with your business. Let us start by helping you update your Employee Handbook to comply with current laws.

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Customer Service

We elevate your Customer Service Experience on every call, text or email. We feel that customer service at the highest level should be the norm, not the anomaly.  

-We serve you like family.

Reach us by call, text, or email. 

(425) 818-4100

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