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Making A Positive Difference for Washington Businesses

Woodward Benefits, LLC, was founded in 2018 to continue helping companies with their insurance, but with a different mindset than other firms.  

Our vision, to be Washington's Number 1 Name for Employee Benefits. 

Our mission, we elevate Customer Service beyond a typical benefits broker, and deliver insurance solutions for financial gains to our clients.

Our motto, We Serve You Like Family!

Since 2018, we have saved companies over 50 employees 15-30% without reducing coverage, quality, or network. 

Woodward Benefits, has a laser focus, and burning desire to build relationships with Washington business owners and employees for decades to come. 

Our vision, mission, and motto is congruent with every member of our firm. 

Be the best!  Be Washington's Number 1 Name for Employee Benefits!

We invite you to explore and discover the positive difference of our motto, We Serve You Like Family, and allow us to fulfill our vision and mission for you and your people.  Contact us for an exploratory conversation.

Best Regards,

Woody Woodward


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