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We Create A Competitive Benefits Plan

Our loyalty is to our customers. Our independent broker status and relationships with a vast and growing number of insurance carriers assures you the best coverage, network, rates, and premiums every year. If you need or want to change your insurance and plans, we advise you on the best timing, method and replacement.

We Take Care of Your Open Enrollment

We make Open Enrollment easy.  We inform your employees of the upcoming dates, and provide customer support throughout. Our HIPAA compliant online enrollment platform gives cause to celebrate. Employees are educated on their Benefits Plan, coverage, options, rates, and deductions, and guided through an online shopping cart in about 15 minutes with questions answered and enrollment complete. Then we send you a final payroll deduction report.

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We Give You Two Options for Benefits Administration

Option one, you send us all your adds, terms, changes, and COBRA via encrypted email and we do it all for you.

Option two, we provide you access to a very simple online portal that allows you to process employee adds, terms, changes, COBRA, and requests for all carriers under one login. 

In either choice you have our full-service customer support.

Your Company Gets HR Assistance and Benefits Compliance

Whether your company has a designated human resources professional/team, or you wear many hats and need the extra HR assistance - we have you covered. Create an employee handbook for free, receive access to an HR hotline, compliance library, and educational training courses and webinars.

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Your Company Gets Employee Claims and Administrative Assistance

Your Employees will always know they can call our team to get information on their benefits, request ID cards, and receive 5-star claims resolution assistance. We help with pre-authorizations, billing issues, network concerns, and benefit education.